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Welcome, Guests

Note: I recently removed a lot of accounts that seemed to have invalid email addresses. If your account is no longer on the system feel free to sign up again.

Register to be able to read more information as it becomes available, touch base with others before the reunion, share photos afterwards.

About the site

If you are wondering why I chose to make the site a private one that requires you to register and get an ID and password here is my reasoning. It isn't like there will be secret stuff out here, but I thought if people are posting semi-personal things, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. that it would be best to NOT have that get pulled into the search engines, SPAM lists.
I hope that the web site will be a fun and useful thing for our class, and others as well.

Feel free to post articles, questions, classified ads, etc. That is what this site is for.

It has helped out for some classes in planning reunions and little ad-hoc mini-reunions.

Feel free to contact me via the web-site if you have any questions or suggestions.

I suggest that you change your password to something you can easily remember once you login the first time, the passwords are system generated and meant to be secure, not easy to remember. Instructions for changing passwords are in the frequently asked questions.

Also you may or may not want to update your Personal information to let others know how to contact you and such, they can always send you a message within the site if you don't like giving out your contact information on the web.

See you later!

Mark Short


This site is set up exclusively for graduates and faculty of Lee's Summit High School. Registered users will be able to post news, classifieds ads, etc... for no charge. It is meant to be a place for people from LSHS to network with each other and keep up with old friends.

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